Concealer Confidence

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I notice is my dark circles under my eyes. It is something I have always dealt with, and yes, I do drink lots of water. Part of my severely quick makeup routine is applying concealer, and if faced with the choice, it is the number one item I must never omit. I need a little more coverage than most, but do not want the product to be cakey. I have tried oodles of brands and have listed my winners for you below.

First place: Cle de peau

Cle de peau is by far my favorite concealer on the market. I wear the color ocher. It is a perfect match for my skin and it is second to none. I call it “the eraser.” It feels super lightweight under my eyes and the coverage is exceptional. I just apply it with my fingers, but you could use a concealer brush.  I also use it on blemishes and I swear, you can’t even see them. It has saved many a date for me. There are only two downfalls in my opinion. The first being that it does tend to gather in my fine lines, but not if I remember to use an eye cream in preparation under my eyes before applying it. This is not a problem for me and I am more than happy to take the small extra step, and it is actually a bonus because I should do it anyway to fight my fine lines. Second, the price is $70 per tube, but it does last for at least 6 months and a little goes a long way. It is an amazing product and I am officially obsessed.

Cle de peau concealer is $70 and can be purchased at


Second Place: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I was introduced to this product when I was attending a birthday party and I had my makeup done at the NARS flagship store on Melrose. This concealer had just launched and wasn’t for sale until the following week, but due to my love for the product, she let me buy it early. This product comes in a handy tube with a twist off applicator. I use it just like this, although you could apply some to the back of your hand with the applicator and use a concealer brush. I take the applicator and dot it along my dark circles and blend it with my finger. It is lightweight and light reflecting, brightening the under eye area. I wear it in Custard. I like it for when I need to look more awake or am in need of a little glow. The coverage does tend to wear off by the end of my work day, so I do need to touch it up if I am going out after.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is $29 and can be purchased at


Third Place: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

This concealer has enough coverage to completely negate a tattoo. It successfully camouflages my dark circles and is nice and creamy for a smooth application. It is waterproof, so I feel like it really sticks and has great staying power. I wear it in color 7, Sand. It really is a full coverage product, so a small amount is all you need. If you use too much product, it starts to look really thick. I squeeze a tiny amount onto my hand and use a concealer brush to blend under my eye. It does a great job of staying on all day.

Full Cover Concealer is $32 and can be purchased at




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