Craving Cleobella- Boho Bags

I love popping around to all the beach cities in California and getting fashion inspiration. More often than not I find colorful, embroidered bags catching my eye. I love the way the intricate weaves pop against an outfit and remind me of textiles I would find in India or Bali. Both on my list to visit one day.

I would wear this bag on the weekend and drape it over a shoulder or use it as a cross body bag. An easy, tossed on look for a relaxing, non-planned weekend is the appeal of this look. So in search of this bag I got in my car and drove over to Venice to peruse all the local shops. There were endless options of little coin purses, clutches and bags, but nothing that i NEEDED to have. I decided to move on to vintage shops, so I drove up to the valley.

I wandered into Urban Outfitters, which was located next to the vintage store, and low and behold, I found THE bag. It was the perfect medium size with dark brown leather braided handles with a long strap as well. The stitching was shades of pink (my favorite color) and bright blue. It was bright, fun, and perfectly modern bohemian. I sadly held off from buying it, but the moment it goes on sale, it will be mine! I need this bag in my life and I think you will agree.

The bag is by Cleobella and can be purchased at Urban Outfitters for $290

Happy handbag hunting!




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