Maxim Magazine Madness

I am a girlie girl, which means I love all things frilly, sparkly, and lace. How could I not be obsessed with lingerie? My education on fancy undergarments began when I assisted a stylist on Maxim cover shoots. We were in charge of dressing, or barely dressing, the celebrities that were gracing the covers of the sexy magazine. I was tasked with going to all the local showrooms and upscale lingerie boutiques to pull all the items that could work for the shoot.

I encountered brands such as Kiki de Montparnase, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Andres Sarda, and Mimi Holiday. Never would I ever view lingerie the same. The silks, chantilly lace, straps, gloves, garters, and thigh highs were the nicest I had laid eyes on. The stores were seductive, with lavish dressing rooms cloaked with lush drapery and satin cords in place of a door. They often had beds on display with satin sheets that were embroidered with the words “Sleep” or “Fuck” on the pillow cases, with gold handcuffs and leather crops at the bedside. Taboo yes, and fascinating all the same. I regularly felt like I had stepped onto the set of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but without a cast or film crew, just a shoot sheet that contained the notes for the photo shoot on the inspiration for the items I should fetch.

For weeks after the shoot I would lust after the items the girls had worn and looked flawless in. The price point of these bras and panties were very high, but in my mind worth every penny for the materials used, the way they fit, and how confident they made you feel.

It was just before my birthday and I had just wrapped a shoot in which we used the Kiki de Montparnase ‘Muse Molded Bra’ and ‘Muse Heart Panty.” The Muse Collection is both playful and romantic and features a hidden silk charmeuse heart shape in the back of the panty, stitched onto sheer mesh. I was raving about the set to all my friends and to my shock and awe, a dear friend gave me a giftcard to the boutique so I could snap up a set of my very own. I had never owned such a beautiful lingerie set and to be honest, it is still tucked away in my drawer with the tags still attached. I open the drawer from time to time to remember the generous¬†gesture of my friend and just to feel the decadent fabric that brings the biggest smile to my face.

The Kiki de Montparnase ‘Muse Molded Bra’ retails for $325 and the ‘Muse Heart Panty’ retails for $250 both can be purchased at

Take a peek at the Maxim Magazine covers at

I have included some of the covers I worked on below and photos of my favorite lingerie brands.


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