Velour Lashes

I attended the LA Make Up Show several months ago and met the lovely Founder of Velour Lashes, Angela Tran. The company is based out of Toronto, Canada and boasts 100% authentic mink lashes.

They have a wide selection of false lashes with sassy names like “Strike A Pose,” Whispie Sweet Nothings,” “You Complete Me,” and “Doll Me Up” to name a few. They have a wider base than most lashes, which makes them easier to apply. This also makes them feel just a touch heavier on the lid, but that dissipates shortly after application.

I complete my eye make up first, including eyeliner. I measure the lash against my eye and cut them appropriately to fit. Then I apply them using Lash Duo glue or Make Up forever lash glue. I apply a small amount of glue, just enough to line the lash base, blow on it for a second or two to help it set, then match it up to my lash line on my eye lid. I hold the lash with both hands and gently guide it into place and hold it there for a few counts, then take the base (not sharp end) of my tweezers (you could use a Q-tip) to lightly press the base onto my eye lid to ensure a secure stick. I then repeat on the other eye and let dry for a few minutes and make sure they feel comfortable on my eye. I then use eyeliner over the base if you can see any glue to finish the look.

Voila! You have a glamorous, eye popping look ready for the red carpet.

You can purchase Velour Lashes at for $35 a pair and can wear them over and over again up to 25 uses.

NOTE: When you’re removing your lashes, be as gentle as when you applied them. Do not pull too hard when you’re removing them. Store your Mink lashes in the original casing to avoid collecting dust, bacteria.  Storing them like this will ensure they retain their shape and,stay clean!


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