The Perfect White Tee

The quest for the perfect white t-shirt can be quite tricky. There are two ways to go when searching for white which are sheer or opaque. I prefer a sheer white shirt that you can pair with a pretty lacy black bra, or if you are truly daring, no bra at all. The fit must be drapey, worn in and can be slightly tattered. The look you are trying to achieve is “I just threw on my boyfriend’s favorite  broken in white shirt as I left this morning.”

If you choose opaque, I would suggest the fit to be either fitted and preppy, country club chic or classic with a touch of bohemian. There is just something so appealing about a fresh, bright white shirt.

My favorite brands of sheer white tees are Blue Life from Planet Blue, in particular the Best Bum Tee and the Tissue V Neck Tee by Monrow. The best bet for opaque tees are from James Perse, especially the Relaxed V Neck and the Casual Tee.

Best Bum Tee retails for $77 and can be purchased at

Tissue V Neck Tee retails for $55 and can be purchased at

James Perse tees retail for $50 and can be purchased at

After you have purchased the perfect white tee, it will become your uniform of choice for every outing, whether it be a date or running errands. Pair your sheer shirt with black jeans, leather shorts, or heavily distressed denim,  black bra and stacked bracelets for a rocker inspired look. The opaque shirt goes best with bright colored or crisp, slightly distressed blue jeans or cotton skirt.




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