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Momofuku Milk Bar

I was introduced to Momofuku Milk Bar when I attended a friend’s wedding in NYC and their wedding cake was the Birthday Cake flavor. I was salivating for more after bite one and knew I needed to visit the bakery while in town.

I was staying at the Mondrian Soho so the closest location was the one in the East Village. Upon arrival at the bakery I was not impressed. It is small and very unassuming, with very little products on the counter. I even doubted that this is where the wedding cake was from until I tried the birthday cake truffles. These little balls were a party in my mouth! They managed to be slightly creamy and cake like and were melt in your mouth “confetti cake on crack” goodness. I became a believer and spread the word like wildfire. I bought some to bring home to friends and family in LA so they could share in my birthday cake truffle bliss. They too were hooked.

Lucky for you, Momofuku Milk Bar items can be ordered online, so no rush to fly to New York. But if you find yourself in the city, run there, don’t walk.

Birthday Cake Truffles are $16 for a box of 12 and can be purchased at


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