The Bungalow at The Fairmont

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to experience something great. The Bungalow is attached to The Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica and is the brainchild of Brent Bolthouse. It is a surfer chic  renovated 1947 beach cottage made into a hip hangout for a breezy summer day and into night. There are five distinct spaces within The Bungalow. The Study, a main bar, an outside deck, the State Room and East Garden, and a game room. With this many different aesthetics, you are sure to find a spot that suits your needs. 

I personally love the patio because there are lanterns and lights strewn from the trees, sofas strategically placed for lounging and catching up with friends, and little nooks and tables for a more intimate feel. The ambiance makes you feel as if you stumbled upon this secret party on a little known beach. The only dose of reality is the daunting line that bends around the door for entry. While it can be annoying to wait in line, the bright side is everyone gets in, no glances up and down from the door guy. Just a check of your ID and a smile for your patience and you are in. 

Grab a glass of the red sangria, some chips and guacamole and gab the night away with great friends. 


Balayage Bliss

Ever wonder how all those celebrities achieve that perfect, naturally sun kissed hair color? I have two words for you, George Papanikolas. He is a senior colorist at the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles, but you can also catch him at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York and Belle Femme Salon in Dubai. If you do visit him at the Andy Lecompte Salon, order the complimentary shaken iced coffee, you will thank me later.

George uses the french Balayage technique, in which he freehand paints the color onto strategically placed pieces of hair. The technique can be a bit daunting if you choose to lighten the tips because he teases sections of the hair to create a v-shape, applies the color, and then wraps them in foil. The teasing helps ensure even distribution of the color. You will look like a space alien for a moment in time, but if you hang in there the perfect “I just spent the summer in Mykonos” results will be well worth it.

George has become a favorite among the celebrity darlings and jet set crowd. His famous clients include the Kardashians, Miranda Kerr, Minka Kelly, Shay Mitchell, and Maria Menounos, to name a few. InStyle, Allure and People Magazine have all named him one of the top hair colorists in the country. Even though his day is jam packed, he takes the time to give everyone a consult on what color would suit them best.

Communication is key when it comes to color, so I often bring in an inspiration photo or two of the look I desire. The results are that perfect bohemian chic hair that I crave. The color grows out seamlessly, which makes it easy to maintain.

Give George my best when you meet him and enjoy your beautiful new hair color!



Happy National Lipstick Day

In honor of today being National Lipstick Day, I wanted to pay tribute to a few of my favorite shades of lip colors.  A quick swipe of color on your lips can transform your look in an instant.

Red gives off a confident, sexy vibe, ready to conquer the world. I often will apply a red lip for an event after work or a girls night out, but save the date night red for a special occasion. My favorite brand for the scarlet hue is Make Up For Ever from the Rouge Artist Intense Collection in “Moulin Rouge.” I line my lips with MAC Pro Longwear lip pencil in “Kiss Me Quick,” then top it with Make Up For Ever in “Moulin Rouge.”

Pretty in Pink is a saying for a reason, not to mention the classic movie. I love a petal pink lip and for this I most often use my favorite standard lip liner, MAC “Cream of Spice” and top with a gloss. The two perfect pout lip glosses I am loving right now are Kevyn Aucoin’s “Valentina” (a gorgeous dark pink) and MAC’s “Pure Silliness” (a bright, poppy pink a la Nicki Minaj).

Nothing is better than Nude. A nice nude lip is my go to look since I prefer a smoky eye. This shade will take you through the entire day and night. I line my lips with MAC “Cream of Spice” and top with Giorgio Armani lipstick in shade 111, which was gifted to me by Giorgio Armani Pro Makeup Artist, Tim Quinn, years ago and I continue to purchase to this day.

Enjoy the day and try a new shade!

MAC makeup can be purchased at

Giorgio Armani lipstick retails for $34 and can be purchased at

Kevyn Aucoin lip gloss retails for $30 and can be purchased at


Bohemian Chic White Dress

There is nothing that screams California Girl more than a beautiful, ethereal, white bohemian dress and sun kissed hair. I will blog about the hair color at a later time.

White dresses are such an easy, breezy way to add to your wardrobe for summer, and for those of us lucky enough to live in a warm climate, are a staple to have year round. I love the deconstructed ease of a bohemian style dress and what that means to me is flowy fabrics, easy cuts, could be backless or strapless, and ready to toss on at a moments notice.

I love the look of white against tan skin, mine is most often spray tanned, but if you are a sun worshiper be sure to slather on the SPF. Gold jewelry pairs brilliantly with this, see my post “All That Glitters Is Gold” for some great ideas. Add a great flat sandal or a nice summer wedge heel and the look is ready for a pool party or the beach.

My favorite brands of white boho dresses are Line & Dot, Jen’s Pirate Booty, and Nightcap Clothing. You can actually find most of these brands at


Vintage Denim Shorts

Warm summer days call for the perfect pair of vintage denim shorts. Finding these shorts can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack, but once you do, the sleepless nights scouring ebay and vintage shops will all be worth it.

My obsession with finding said shorts began years ago when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen launched Beach Mint. They were promoting their ultra soft t-shirts, but unwittingly sold me on their denim. The quest began and I luckily have a dear friend that works for 7 For All Mankind who graciously gifted me a pair of shorts. They were light in color, the perfect fit and only get better with time. However, they just weren’t that broken in “I cut off my old jeans” look I was striving for. Check back with me in a few years, and these will be that pair.

But for a girl that likes instant gratification, I had to begin my search again. I was talking to one of the stylists I represent, Martina Nilsson, and she suggested I shop for vintage denim that fit me well and cut them off myself. Then it dawned on me…I should contact the stylist that styled Mary Kate and Ashley for the Beach Mint shoot! Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier? I emailed Sally Lyndley, who graciously emailed me back the very next day.

She informed me that Mary Kate was wearing a vintage pair of Wranglers that Sally has had for 10 years and cut off herself from their original jean form. She originally purchased them in Dallas, TX. Ashley was wearing a vintage pair of Levi’s that Mary Kate had cut off into shorts and had purchased from the vintage boutique “What Goes Around Comes Around” about 10 years ago too. Sally suggested I go to Urban Outfitters and try out their denim revival shorts, which I found out were salvaged Levi’s made into shorts. She wished me luck and my hunt began.

I began with an online search on ebay and found a treasure trove of shorts. I ordered a pair that were absolutely perfect, the only problem was they didn’t fit. Lucky for my sister, Kelly, I think they will fit her. I then went to Urban Outfitters who had an unbelievably wide selection in their Urban Renewal Collection. The only downfall I discovered was that it is very hard to find a perfect fit with vintage denim. These jeans have been through a lot, washed and dried and worn to shreds, which is their appeal, but makes for a tricky fit. These are anything but true to size. I also went to “What Goes Around Comes Around” and their selection of jeans was vast, but the shorts selection in my size, 26, was slim. I hesitated on plunking down $200-$500 for a vintage pair of Levi’s only to cut them off, but I will keep that as a last resort. I also found out that Free People sells vintage denim shorts, but they only carry them online, not in the store, so you can’t try them on and they are final sale.

So it looks like I am empty handed at the moment, but my quest continues and Urban Outfitters and ebay get new inventory every day. These two stores seem like the most economical option and have the styles I am looking for. I will keep on my search for the perfect vintage denim shorts and wish you all the very best of luck in yours.

Urban Renewal shorts are $59 and can be purchased at

Vintage Levi’s shorts are $128 and can be purchased at


The Perfect High Ponytail

The high ponytail brings me back to my school girl days. Having a mother that was not good at doing hair, I only had a few choices, half-up, braid, ponytail or down. Don’t even get me started on the time I had an Ogilvie home perm!!

Now that I have learned a thing or two about hair, I still often rely on the simplicity of a pony. You will need a few tools and products to achieve this look. One elastic hair band that preferably matches your hair color, I like the Ouchless ones by Goody. A brush, in which my favorite is by Sheila Stotts. A ribbon and hairspray of your choice. I like Davines Defining Glam Power spray.

Using your hands, pull your hair into a ponytail set high at the back of your head. Take the brush and brush your hair at the sides, top, and back of your head (under where the pony sits) to make sure all sides are sleek. Now use the elastic band to secure the pony in place. I like to pull the hair around the top of my head a little looser, just so it isn’t too “done.”  But if you like a sleeker look, skip this step. For this step, you can just use your fingers and rake them through the hair on top of your head (as if you were using your fingers as a make shift brush), if some pieces fall out, it is okay. At this point, you can also use the brush or your fingers to “fluff up” your ponytail…not too much, but just a little to give it some texture. Next, use the hairspray to set the style and make sure everything stays put.

Tie the ribbon in the color of your choice around the ponytail and make sure the ends of the ribbon are even. This gives the style a little sweetness.

The Sheila Stotts Removal Brush can be purchased for $28 at

The elastics can be purchased at

The hairspray can be purchased at The Andy Lecompte Salon in LA and they can ship it to you. 🙂 310-273-4100

The ribbon I honestly reused from a gift I got, but you can purchase at any craft store.


All That Glitters Is Gold

I am currently obsessed with gold jewelry. Chunky, bold statement necklaces, vintage door knocker Chanel earrings, layered chain necklaces, delicate stackable rings and bracelets, bangles, ear jackets, and studs. More is more in the case of gold jewelry.

I’m not saying wear everything all at once, but tastefully pairing the gold together to best suit your mood and outfit. I was recently invited to the Jacquie Aiche showroom to view the collections and partake in the ultimate jewelry sale. I had been coveting the spiked gold ear jacket and ruby ear piece ever since spotting the pair on Kate Mara. The timing was serendipitous and I was able to snag an ear jacket of my own at a fraction of the price. I was reeling with excitement. My friend Jen and I were like kids in a candy store, scooping up all the pretty treasures to try on and purchase. To our delight, they were even applying gold jewelry tattoos in the back garden for the party. Our inner Bohemian Goddesses were let out that day to shine.

When it comes to jewelry I tend to follow the rules of statement necklace, small stud earring, delicate bracelets, maybe a small ring. Layered delicate necklaces, maybe one has an initial, small stud, stacked bracelets optional. Bold earring, one delicate necklace, stacked rings if you must. The options could go on and on, but the point is statement earrings or statement necklace is the rule. Choose one bold piece to complete your outfit as if it were the icing on the cake, the rest of the jewelry are just the sprinkles.

My favorite places to buy gold jewelry from are Jacquie Aiche (for everything), Natalie B (for vintage locket pieces), and EF Collection (for delicate earrings).